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Eisendrath Team

The Eisendrath Team is a family-owned business, local to North County San Diego since 1981! They have over 40 years of experience in buying and selling real estate. Additionally,  The Eisendrath Team are experts in tax-deferred 1031 exchanges, helping clients keep more of their bottom line.

63cf002310d81a205fb8075c Real Producers San Diego Top 500 Badge 2023With an impressive tenure of over 40 years, Diane and Richard Eisendrath form a dynamic duo in real estate who have been at the forefront of the Eisendrath Team. Their enduring success can be attributed to their remarkable ability to adapt and embrace change. The Eisendraths’ innovative and forward-thinking approach, combined with their substantial investments in cutting-edge technology, have revolutionized the selling process, enabling sellers to secure extraordinary prices and providing buyers with a seamless and efficient search experience.

Richard and Diane’s expertise lies primarily in the realm of commercial real estate. Their profound understanding of the industry has established them as experts in selling multifamily units and leasing commercial buildings. Through their comprehensive knowledge and unparalleled negotiation skills, they consistently deliver exceptional results for their clients.

A testament to their unwavering commitment and exceptional service, Richard and Diane proudly hold the esteemed title of “The Leading Oceanside Realtors for Over 40 Years.” Their remarkable track record, spanning four decades, underscores their unwavering dedication to their craft and their unwavering reputation as trusted professionals in the Oceanside real estate market.

Diane and Richard Eisendrath’s remarkable journey, fueled by their unwavering passion, expertise, and forward-thinking strategies, has solidified their position as industry leaders. Their ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the San Diego marketplace, coupled with their innovative use of technology, has made them the go-to experts for anyone seeking remarkable results and a seamless real estate experience.